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In the event of incidents or emergencies that pose a continuing threat to the safety of the UCA community, the UCA Police Department will make every effort to notify UCA community members in a timely and efficient manner.


The UCAAlert System is used to send emergency notifications to the campus community via text message, voice message, and e-mail. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to provide their contact information through the myUCA portal by logging in and following the instructions in the "Update UCAAlert Contact Info" channel.

  • Login to myUCA.
  • Select the Resources tab
  • Follow the instructions to "Update your crisis notification phone numbers for UCAAlert" in the UCA Police channel.


UCA PD has established a 24 hour emergency information hotline. Call the Safe@UCA Info Line at (501) 852-INFO (4636) to hear a recorded message about the status of the University and any current alert or safety information. During emergency situations or closures the message will be updated periodically.


The UCA PD has established an email listserv for members of the University community who do not have access to the Admin-l or Cub listservs. Parents, visitors, neighbors, or students who may not check their Cub accounts often are welcome to opt in to the Safe@UCA email listserv with their personal email address.